Undergraduate research opportunities that are within the scope of our current interests, are available for students to carry out independent research projects. Generally, research projects are in the chemical and/or biochemical sciences. Students can register for ACHM425 (Introduction to undergraduate research; 2 credit hours) or ACHM426 (Undergraduate research; 3 credit hours). Students who register for Bio399 are also eligible. Students are expected to be able to spend approximately 20 hr per week in conducting their assigned project during both the Fall and Spring semesters. These opportunities are intended for students with a genuine desire to pursue careers in experimental research. Preference is given to individuals who have completed one academic year of organic chemistry, including all associated labs, and who have earned excellent grades in both the lab and lecture courses. The number of slots available during a given academic year is limited, and the opportunities are highly competitive. Interested students should contact Dr. Musah to further explore currently available research opportunities.

Graduate Students:

Opportunities are available for both students wishing to pursue a Masters degree and those applying as Ph.D. candidates to conduct their graduate work with Dr. Musah's research group. Graduate level projects are in the areas of organic, bioorganic and bioinorganic chemistry. Interested persons should make an appointment with Dr. Musah to consult about the research projects available.


Opportunities may be available pending funding. Specifically, we are interested in an organosulfur chemist with a background in synthesis and/or mechanistic studies. Interested persons should contact Dr. Musah for more information.



E-Mail: information@rabimusah.com         Phone: 518-437-3740

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